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IRAN  More than just a shop

We are the German forum for all companies involved or interested in trading or investing in Iran. Originally founded by German companies we have now member companies all over Europe.
Since 1952, we have represented the interests of around 130 member companies in their various forms of cooperation with Iran. We faced in our daily activities that the sanctions imposed by the EU meet primarily with companies that just want to execute completely legitimate business, with their partly decades-long partners in Iran.
We will comply with any sanction but also help our members in all areas to maintain their business further. Become a member of our chamber and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Chamber and its members.


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As a member of the chamber...
You are integrated into the network of our member companies. You can take part in various events, working groups, and seminars on economic and legal issues. Our services are available either for free or at a significant member discount.

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Veranstaltungen & Seminar

Iran Expo 2024
Iran Expo 2024
Iran Expo 2024 Teheran vom 27.04. - 01.05.2024 Messe für Exportprodukte des Iran mit den Branchenschwerpunkten Lebensmittel, Landwirtschaft, Fischerei, Industrieprodukte, Teppiche, Handarbeiten, Tourismus, Medizin, Chemische Produkte, Bauindustry, Technisches Engineering und Petrochemie
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