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Iran wants to buy 18 million vaccine doses from abroad

Four Iranian companies are also working on a vaccine

According to Iranian Health Minister Saed Namaki, the government plans to purchase 18 million doses of internationally approved vaccines. But this is only one of three strategies to combat the coronavirus pandemic. They also want to invest in foreign research projects. Four Iranian companies also offer hope, whose vaccines will soon enter the clinical phase if they are approved for this step. Meanwhile, new daily infections in this third wave are around 15,000. In total, almost 1 million Iranians were infected with the virus. The official number of deaths is around 50,000.

Assuming that each patient needs two vaccinations to achieve immunity, the vaccine doses purchased on the international market would be enough for 11% of the population.

The head of the Coronavirus Taskforce-Tehran told the state news agency IRNA that traffic in the capital had already decreased by 60% during the day and even 70% at night. Domestic travel bans have been imposed to contain the pandemic, and traffic has fallen by 90%, particularly in the popular northern provinces on the Caspian Sea.

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